Humming Bird Leadership Program

Decades of research now show that emotional intelligence (EQ) and social-emotional learning are strongly linked to academic & team performance, avoidance of risk behaviors, and enhancement of health, happiness, and life success.  No wonder the World Economic Forum identifies EQ as one of the essential skills for the 21st Century. Emotional Intelligence will be incorporated into our HBLP

The goal of HBLP is to build the character and personal leadership capacity of young people while sharing the lessons of the life and work of Professor Wangari Maathai. Through HBLP, Wangari Maathai Foundation (WMF) will create a leadership project targeted to Kenyan youth and children (10-17 years) that builds their character and nurtures their personal leadership. This will happen by educating, empowering, and engaging them to grow into actively responsible citizens through a series of character building lessons based on experiential learning and emotional intelligence principles.

Thanks to support from our donors, WMF has, in collaboration with its education partners, developed the curriculum for HBLP, a learner-centred, personal leadership and character building course. The course will be anchored on eight core character attributes that exemplify the life and work of Prof Wangari Maathai:

Courage & Confidence

Integrity & Honesty

Commitment to Excellence

Creativity & Resourcefulness



Service to Others and

Responsible Stewardship.

The curriculum is divided into 3 core pillars based on the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) guidelines. Each pillar will be taught over one term and include classroom, outdoor and community activities. The 3 core pillars of the KICD sanctioned Life Skills Curriculum include:

Skills of knowing and living with oneself (Term 1)
Skills of knowing and living with others (Term 2)
Skills of decision making (Term 3)

The Humming Bird Leadership programme will be piloted in three schools, Mara Leadership School, in Narok, Dr Robert Ouko in Kisumu and Children in Freedom, in Nakuru.

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