The En-Courage Leadership Initiative

Inspiring courageous leadership

The En-Courage Leadership Initiative is one of Wangari Maathai Foundation’s program that targets 18-35 year olds, both male and female, with the goal of having them understand and adopt courageous leadership, underpinned by the values of integrity and life of purpose.

Expected results of En-Courage include:

  1. Improved knowledge, skills and attitudes amongst the Youth, towards what it takes to live a life of purpose with integrity and courageous leadership and the benefits accruing therein.
  2. Raise a generation of courageous leaders at all levels of society who will be good role models for the younger generation.

We have piloted an innovative forum, the WMF Youth Caféto spark conversations with Youth. The Youth Cafe provides a safe platform for self-expression and agency among the Youth in various parts of the country. Under the auspices and guidance of WMF, young people can access the Youth Café and have discussions about values, commit to implementing changes based on those values and hold each other accountable.

To date, WMF has held  Youth Cafés in Nairobi and Kisumu, where the Youth spoke openly about a number of issues that affect them. WMF plans to continue having these conversations with the Youth in various counties.

For more information on how to participate in the WMF Youth Cafés, please contact us on