Youth Café

This novel initiative by the WMF team aims to initiate conversations among Kenya’s Youth (the 18-35 years demographic) to learn first-hand what values they hold and what challenges they encounter when trying to live by the national values found in the Kenyan Constitution and their personal ones. The WMF Youth Cafés allow us to gain invaluable insight into what can be done to encourage Youth to live by their values as well as whether the proposed WMF programs will be beneficial to them and run in different counties. The Youth cafés will run in four select counties and each ‘session’ will operate for a maximum of seven months under WMF’s supervision, after which new Youth cafés will be set up. This will ensure that WMF gains access to as many Youths as possible. By the end of the pilot phase, 720 Youths will have participated in the WMF Youth café

Instigate and manage a Youth Exchange Program consisting of Kenyan Youth with different backgrounds from different parts of Kenya.  This experience will serve to bring an appreciation that hardships and social ills brought on by poor leadership and citizen apathy affect us all, not just certain ethnic groups or segments of society as commonly perpetuated. For instance, Youth will be able to see that poverty exists in all regions in Kenya and is not based on ethnicity. This will foster a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, not easily crushed or swayed by politicians, and allow the Youth to make sensible choices on their lives that exemplify courage, integrity and a life of purpose.

The inaugural café was held on 19 August 2016 in Nairobi with young persons from AIESEC; a student-run organization that develops the leadership potential of Youth across the world. The universities represented there were Strathmore University, University of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta University and United States International University.